MindsDB, a open-source machine learning startup based in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to work with MindsDB from June 2021 until Jan 2023 during a pivotal phase of their growth.

My role involved integrating and revamping the website design developed by their team. I completely rebuilt and restructured the website, significantly enhancing its performance. Collaborating closely with the co-founder, we adopted an agile approach, focusing on iterative development based on continuous testing and feedback.

The primary aim of the website was to effectively market the product, clearly communicate its benefits, and convert diverse audience segments into dedicated users. Through rigorous A/B testing and strategic updates, we significantly improved user conversion rates.

My tenure with MindsDB concluded in 2023 when they transitioned to an in-house developer for their marketing and product website. The collaboration was a success, with substantial improvements made to the website during my involvement.

MindsDB has since evolved impressively. From its humble beginnings as an open-source project six years ago, it has grown into a $160 million AI powerhouse, embarking on an accelerated trajectory of growth.

ClientMindsDBServicesRedesignYear2021 - OngoingLinkwww.mindsdb.com

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