MindsDB is an open-source machine learning startup located in San Francisco. The company has recently closed out MindsDB’s total seed round to $7.6M from investors.

I have been working with MindsDB since July 2021. My job was to integrate the design created by their team. I have rebuilt the entire website, restructured it, and optimized it for better performance. Since then I have been working closely with the co-founder on a daily basis, the work is done in an agile way of implementation based on testing and feedback.

The goal of the website is mostly marketing-related in order to explain the product and to convert different segmented audiences into loyal users.

The work is still ongoing, I help maintain the website, update it, fix issues and create/change structure and design based on the company’s strategy.

ClientMindsDBServicesRedesignYear2021 - OngoingLinkwww.mindsdb.com

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