Hi, I’m Lum, and I am currently living in Lucerne, Switzerland. I am working as a wordpress developer, social media manager, and photographer. I like to keep myself busy by combining my skills and working on different and multiple projects by bringing all my energy, commitment, discipline, creativity, and leadership to the table.

Working globally and forming long-term client relationships.

I love to help small and medium companies to build products and services. Always working to increase or even improve their digital presence by providing them with problem-solving knowledge, experience, and skills that I have acquired over the 7 past years. I like to work closely with my clients so I can understand their company and its needs better. I always aim to align my work with their vision, business strategy, and goals. Currently working as a one band man, but I also have a team of creatives on standby for bigger and long-term projects.



HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / PHP
Sass / Bootstrap / UI/UX / PWA / WordPress
E-Commerce / SEO / Host / Maintenance
Optimisation / Photoshop / Illustrator / XD

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I turn design mockups into a reality where people can interact and get the most out of the experience. I believe that websites nowadays are vital for a business. No matter the industry that you are in, I can help you achieve your goals. With more than 7 years of experience, I have worked with a lot of different companies globally in industries such as E-Commerce, Tech, Education, Startups, Events, Real Estate, Luxury, Construction, News Media, NGOs, and much more. Whether it is to build awareness, generate leads and sales I can assure you that I will manage the whole project with minimal fuss in an agile way. I will work closely with your team by being available and communicating constantly via emails and video calls. I will always respect deadlines, help solve problems, build beautiful and efficient UI/UX, and deliver quality work with success.



 / Awareness
 / Strategy
Content Development / Management
Organic Reach / Cultivation of leads and sales
Post Engagement / Promotional Marketing
/ SEO / 

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I help and manage different businesses' social media and I have more than 8 years of experience. I have studied the apps of social media to understand their algorithms so I can use that knowledge to help companies build and grow their brand, sell products/services, and generate leads. I always aim to build the concept according to the brand by building the strategy, and content, and executing it all together to reach the targeted goals. I am also growing my own brand which I have managed to grow organically from 0 to 850K followers over two years. You can support and follow the project here > Art is in you.



Social Events / 
 / Promotional
/ Photo shots 
/ Product Marketing
 / Ads / Personal

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I am a professional photographer and I have 12 years of experience. I bought my first professional camera back in 2011 when I was quite young and I fell in love with it right away and started putting my efforts and skills to work. I learned quickly and started to freelance, taking pictures at different events, and gradually started to move to different industries so I could gain as much experience as I could to strengthen my profession.

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