Les Cabinotiers

Les Cabinotiers is an industrial building that is currently being constructed and will be finished in early 2022, the project is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

I have been working with the company closely together since March of 2021 in order to redesign the whole website, create branding for the project, and also launch social media.

I have also been heavily involved in the marketing team of the company to help create a communication strategy for digital & traditional marketing. Our goal is to commercialize as much as we can before even the project is finalized.

Since then we created several digital campaigns and also participated in EPHJ Show. We have managed to achieve success so far and we are still working hard to put our ideas and strategies in place.

ClientAFA - Altitude Fiduciary AdvisorsServicesWeb Design & Development, Branding, Social Media, PhotographyYear2021 - OngoingLinklescabinotiers.ch

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