Les Cabinotiers

Les Cabinotiers, an industrial building situated in Geneva, Switzerland, was a significant project I collaborated on from March 2021 to 2022. My role involved a comprehensive redesign of the website, developing a cohesive branding strategy, and initiating their social media presence.

I played a pivotal role in the company’s marketing team, crafting a balanced digital and traditional marketing communication strategy. Our objective was to maximize commercialization, even before the project’s completion.

Through our efforts, we launched multiple successful digital campaigns and showcased our project at the EPHJ Show. This strategic approach led to remarkable success, culminating in the entire building being leased, marking a triumph for all involved.

ClientAFA - Altitude Fiduciary AdvisorsServicesWeb Design & Development, Branding, Social Media, PhotographyYear2021 - OngoingLinklescabinotiers.ch

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